Hollingsworth Funds primarily seeks to ensure that low-wealth people in Greenville County have the opportunity and pathways to participate in a prosperous society. We believe that systems-level change over the long-term has the best chance to make a positive, lasting impact on upward mobility in Greenville County. Our approach is to invest our philanthropic capital in multi-stakeholder initiatives that bring public, private, nonprofit and community stakeholders together to participate in dialogue, research and data analysis, decision-making and implementation of solutions to common outcomes.

Guiding Principles:

To positively impact systems change over the long-term.

We recognize the natural tension between responding to immediate needs versus investing in upstream solutions. While we will always maintain the flexibility to respond to changing needs in the short-term, our primary goal is to help create a future for our community by enhancing the systems that effect complex social change over the long-term.

To encourage and engage in collective action by partnering with others.

No single organization can solve the complex social challenges facing our community. We must find ways for all stakeholders (public, private, nonprofit, and community) to work together in pursuit of common outcomes. Therefore, we strive towards a collective, highly integrated approach to every aspect of our work.

To view everything we do through an equity lens.

The wealth and income disparities in Greenville are significant. While individuals have the power and responsibility to improve their own lives, we must still work across differences to increase access to opportunity for all. Our investments in the community aim to be inclusive of all those we seek to help.

To engage in a place-based approach to our work.

It has been well-documented that where people are born often determines their future. Place can impact where we go to school, what type of house we own and whether it will grow in value, as well as access to a natural job network, public transportation and healthcare. Like many communities across the country, Greenville has neighborhoods where a higher concentration of poverty limits the opportunities for people to participate in a prosperous society. Our goal is to prioritize investments in many of those neighborhoods as a means to lifting up the whole community.

To use data with a purpose.

The importance of high quality data cannot be understated. Data informs community outcomes and helps determine impactful strategies and tactics. We aim to use data to informĀ all of our decisions.

To grow capacity at the individual, organizational and ecosystem levels.

The ability to effectively achieve outcomes is directly correlated to the capacity of theindividuals, organizations and ecosystems in which they operate. Solutions to complexsocial change require creative thinking, strong will, dynamic leadership, evidence-basedprogramming and sound networks to name a few. We aim to invest in capacity at all levels to ensure success.

To steward our assets in a prudent manner.

Our founder left us with a substantial investment portfolio that includes both real estate and liquid assets. Much of that real estate exists as undeveloped land. In order to optimize income while enhancing our built environment, we aim to divest the majority of our real estate assets in a timely and prudent manner. This allows our liquid assets to grow which, in turn, allows us to contribute more back into the Greenville community to achieve our vision and mission.

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